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Garden Soil Blen


Garden soil blend is a general purpose soil mix of red soil, sand, compost, ash, minerals and gypsum screened to less than 20mm and manufactured to Australian Standard AS 4419.

This soil blend is suited to general landscape construction where a heavier soil than the General Purpose Soil Blend and the Organic Garden Soil Blend is required. It can be mixed with your existing garden soil or used as a substitute to create new landscaped areas. This soil has a pH of 5.5 to 7.5 that is ideal for most garden plants. As it is red soil based product it is suited to acid-loving plants such as azaleas and camellias. 

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Soil is a medium in which plants grow and is made up of mineral particles that vary in shape, size and chemical composition, organic materials, water, air and living organisms. The size of the particles (sand, silt, loam and clay) and the proportions in which they occur determine soil texture. 

Manufactured potting mixes are also a medium in which plants grow. It must be remembered that they will not sustain plant life indefinitely as the plants will absorb all the available nutrients in the mix. Some potting mixes contain additional fertilisers and wetting agents or you can add your own. 

When buying a soil please ensure that you match the soil to your expectations!

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