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Random Sandstone


Random sandstone is a cost effective alternative for budget landscaping and it achieves a wonderfully natural rustic appearance. It is random is size, colour and shape and is ideal where uniformity is not required and a casual atmosphere is essential. 

Our range of random sandstone includes footballs, one footers, two footers, three footers and boulders where there name reflects their approximate size. These stones can either be lifted by one person or rolled into position by two people.

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Rocks and pebbles have a myriad of landscaping and decorative applications including, stone gravel for pathways, step treads, stepping stones, retaining walls, garden edges, water features and garden benches.

Unlike railroad ties or wooden fences, which may rot and must be replaced every 10-15 years, stone does not deteriorate. 

Basically the denser (or less porous) a stone is the longer wearing it will be and the more impervious to staining or water and salt absorption. 

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