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Hamptons Grey Stone 20mm


A striking stone with tumbled edges and white and grey tones. This Limestone rock has the great combination of a rough with a smooth exterior. 

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tumbled sandstone pebbles


Tumbled sandstone (sometimes known as tiger stone) is produced from the offcuts used in the manufacturing of other sandstone products. The offcuts are tumbled until the rough edges become rounded and smooth and the stone takes on a wonderful river stone appearance. The size of the pebbles are 20-40 mm and 50-70 mm. Tumble stone can be used in and around water and garden features to create that extra natural element. 

Hamptons Grey Stone 40mm


A lighter grey tone tumbled Limestone rock with a great combination of a rough but smooth exterior perfect for indoor and outdoor use around water features and pathways. 

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White Marble


White marble is commonly referred to as limestone. If you want a cooler, cleaner look, then limestone is a great choice. Limestone (a coral based stone) is softer and more porous than, say, granite, but it has masses of character and is very durable. It does not oxidise like sandstone and is also salt safe and not prone to efflorescence.

cutsandstone 1


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock and its natural colour and texture is full of charm and ages beautifully.

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Yuleba Pebble


An amazing mix of mineral types make up the Yuleba pebble including rounded river pebble, to sedimentary pebbles, to agate and other ‘non-precious’ gemstones and petrified wood. It has an overall ‘light’ colour with an interesting mix of other colours that makes it a very versatile pebble.

Random Sandstone


Random sandstone is a cost effective alternative for budget landscaping and it achieves a wonderfully natural rustic appearance. It is random is size, colour and shape and is ideal where uniformity is not required and a casual atmosphere is essential. 

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Thanllon Red


Thallon Red is a rounded ridge pebble and contains brown quartz giving it a striking colour mix of reds and whites. Thallon Red is from Thallon and is very popular in the Toowoomba area due to its colour blending with the red clay soils. 

peaches and cream


A natural orange and cream coloured stone from the Helidon district which is very popular as a decorative mulch or in garden pathways. This pebble is a crushed stone however due to its ‘softer’ sedimentary make up it is not as sharp as most crushed stones. 

Red Jasper


Red Jasper is a unique pebble that has a deep maroon colour. It is basalt that has been in an iron rich environment for thousands of years and has taken on a red colour. It is great for decorative pathways and to accent or highlight features around the garden.

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Rocks and pebbles have a myriad of landscaping and decorative applications including, stone gravel for pathways, step treads, stepping stones, retaining walls, garden edges, water features and garden benches.

Unlike railroad ties or wooden fences, which may rot and must be replaced every 10-15 years, stone does not deteriorate. 

Basically the denser (or less porous) a stone is the longer wearing it will be and the more impervious to staining or water and salt absorption. 

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