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Slash Bark 15mm


This medium sized slash bark with its light texture and red/brown colour is a very popular bark for both the indoor and outdoor landscape environment. This bark is very clean as it is free of fine dust and other forest matter and this makes it look great on garden beds, either large or small.

Cypress Woodchip


Medium sized wood chip from the Cypress Pine tree that is suited to non-sloping garden beds. It is reported to deter white ants / termites from your garden.

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Slash Bark 25mm


Red/brown nuggets of bark from the plantation Slash Pine. A very clean bark which makes it suitable for mulching the formal or informal garden, indoors or outdoors. This bark also makes a great pathway through the garden. 

Forest Mulch


This coarse unscreened mulch which consists of both bark and green plant material provides the soil with both a carbon and nitrogen combination that will increase the availability of nutrients to plants during its decomposition. This product is subject to variation in its content.

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Slash Bark 50mm


A soft tan screened slash pine bark that although has a rough appearance it maintains the natural red/brown colouring of the pine’s bark. A larger size bark will breakdown slower than a finer bark and allows water to penetrate through to the soil more easily. However larger air pockets will mean the soil under the bark may dry out faster then a bark of finer grading. 

Aussie Red Woodchips


A hardwood chip with vibrant eye-catching colour that lasts nearly as long as the woodchip. The natural redwood colourant used is highly resistant to UV fading from exposure to the sun and elements.

Soft Landing Bark


A finely screened slash pine bark that is accredited for and used by Councils and schools in playgrounds. It is ideal for mulching small gardens, heavily planted areas, pot plants and indoor settings.

Rocky Point Lucerne Mulch


A fantastic mulch that has its own carbon/nitrogen composition. It is very nutritious, composts well (high nitrogen content), and can be used for non-dig gardens.

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Hoop Bark


Medium sized curly, brown spirals pieces of a strong dark coloured bark that comes from the plantation pine, Hoop Pine. It’s natural forest floor mulch appearance and colour, which will only darken slightly with age, has made it very popular. Its binding qualities ensure that it holds on to embankments and it also has an excellent water absorption and retention capacity. The hoop bark always remains light and fluffy on the garden which ensures an easy path for water to reach the soil below. 

Sugar Cane Bale


Straw can be the source of grass and weed seeds or grain seeds. However sugar cane is harvested from the top of the plant thereby eliminating any grass or weed seed problems. It is excellent for maintaining moisture within the soil, very easy to spread and is usually the cheapest mulch. It is ideal for the vegetable garden and can be used to protect vegetables from soil borne diseases.

Tea Tree Mulch


A fine fibrous dark mulch from the Tea Tree, which gives a natural look to your garden. The composition of Tea Tree mulch which includes nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, composts efficiently to form a closely-woven yet highly absorbent mat that retains soil moisture and inhibits weed growth. The natural texture and colour of Tea Tree mulch also enhances the look of your garden and it has a pleasant bush fragrance that is reputedly a natural insect repellent. 

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Why mulch?
Mulching has many advantages:
  • Minimises water evaporation from the soil
  • Stops weed seeds from germinating
  • Increases microbial activity and aids in building a healthier soil structure
  • Releases organic nutrients into the soil for the plants
  • Moderates soil temperature
  • Helps prevent soil erosion from both wind and water
  • Improves the appearance of the garden
  • Minimises hard work in the garden
Which mulch?
One size does not fit all! When choosing a mulch, consider:
  • The purpose for which you require the mulch
  • How long you want it to last
  • How attractive you want it to be
  • How good it is for the plants and soil
  • What's available, and how much do you want to spend
How much mulch?

If you wish to maximise the benefits of mulching then most barks and mulches should be applied at a depth of between 7.5 to 10 cm (3 to 4โ€). 

This level of application will mean that you will only need to top them up about every 15 to 18 months. 

To apply 10cm (4โ€): Measure the approximate length and width of the area to determine the m2 you wish to cover with the bark or mulch. Divide this area by 10 to determine the m3.

[Area m2 รท10 = vol m3 to a depth of 10cm (4โ€)]. 

TIP: To keep your bark looking fresh, loosely turn the bark approximately every six months!

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